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Salma Hayek Breastfeeds a Hungry African Child

Salma Hayek is one of my favourite actrees. She’s beautiful and has high talent in her film. I have just found the story about her breastfeeding moment for a hungry african child, while I have looking for hollywood actrees who support breastfeeding for my next article. This is the most match actrees with my criteria. Although the breastfeeding just in few minutes, but I think can be motivate for all to support breastfeeding.

Here the strory about her trip to Africa (Source:, and others)

Spokeswomen on Tetanus Vaccination Project

Salma Hayek go to Sierra leone Africa to support a tetanus-vaccination project. Sierra Leone has the highest infant and child death rate in the world. One in five children die before reaching their fifth birthday and tetanus is a big contributor -- 21 percent of all infant deaths are related to tetanus.
Tetanus deaths are preventable with routine vaccinations. UNICEF has launched an initiative to eradicate the disease worldwide by 2012. In Sierra Leone the cost of immunizing one person is about 74 cents. Once a woman is immunized, her children will be protected from the disease at birth, before needing immunizations of their own.
In 2008, Hayek became a spokeswoman for the Pampers "One Pack = One Vaccine" campaign to support UNICEF's efforts to eliminate tetanus. For each pack of specially marked Pampers diapers sold, parent company Proctor and Gamble donates the cost of one tetanus vaccine to UNICEF. The North American campaign has generated funding for more than 45 million vaccines since the beginning of 2008.

Without Hesitation, She Breastfeeds A Stranger’s Baby

When actress and producer Salma Hayek arrived in Sierra Leone in September, she was not whisked off to a movie set.
She was there not as a celebrity, but as a humanitarian, to see firsthand a leading cause of death in the developing world: tetanus.

"Nightline" co-anchor Cynthia McFadden went along to document the journey.
To most people in the United States, tetanus brings to mind rusty nails and a quick trip to the doctor's office for a shot. But in developing countries like Sierra Leone, maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) is a top cause of death among mothers and their babies.
"What really excited me about this was the concept of mothers from around the world working together to protect children," said Hayek.

As soon as she landed in Sierra Leone, Hayek was taken to a hospital in the capital, Freetown.
where she saw the painful reality of tetanus. A 7-day-old baby girl named Fatima lay dying. There were no medications to give her but the serum given to horses with the disease.

Then she saw a mother who was unable to provide milk for her malnourished one-week-old son.
Without hesitation, she took the stranger's baby and began breastfeeding it, despite the presence of several camera crews from American news network ABC, who were accompanying her on the African charity mission.
'The baby was perfectly healthy, but the mother did not have any milk.
'He was very hungry - I was weaning my daughter Valentina, but I still had a lot of milk, so I breastfed the baby”, Hayek said.
'It was amazing because he was really looking at me and he's very little. My baby is one year so he can suck a lot harder.'

Hayek said that she had been inspired by a story of her great-grandmother.
She said: 'My great-grandmother was in a Mexican village and they found a woman in the street who was inconsolably crying and the baby was also crying.
'My great-grandmother asked what the matter was and the mother said, 'She is very, very hungry and I have no more milk'.
'And in the street, my great-grandmother breastfed that baby who instantly stopped crying and went peacefully to sleep,”Hayek was really impressed by that story.

"Am I being disloyal to my child by giving my milk away? I actually think my baby would be very proud to be able to share her milk. When she grows up, I will make sure she continues to share and be a caring and generous person" She said.

Wow, this is really inspiration story from Salma hayek. You must agree with me to give her the best icon actrees for Support Breastfeeding! You can see the Youtube video about her acton on the sidebar.

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